MyData or Their Data? Back to the Future, or Back to the Past?

The introduction of electronic accounting books, as they have become widely known (MyData), is being promoted in every possible forum by state officials as the new (if we may be […]

Establishing a Foreign Branch

Establishing a Foreign Branch

Establishing a foreign branch is a common and quite popular choice, as it offers numerous competitive advantages to the company. Foreign companies wishing to develop all or part of their […]


Declaration of wealth and assets: Obligations and consequences

In Greek policymaking, the term ‘Pothen Esches’ (i.e., how have you obtained) describes the obligation under law of all specified legal entities to declare their income and assets, and how […]

Νομικές ευθύνες/ GREKOS CONSULTING

The legal and fiscal responsibilities of managing legal entities

Under Article 50 (Fiscal Procedure Code), the persons who run a legal person are personally and jointly liable alongside the legal person with their personal property, for the tax debts […]