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MyData or Their Data? Back to the Future, or Back to the Past?

The introduction of electronic accounting books, as they have become widely known (MyData), is being promoted in every possible forum by state officials as the new (if we may be […]

Μητρώο νεοφυών επιχειρήσεων και φορολογικά κίνητρα για επενδύσεις

Startup registry and tax incentives for investment

As part of an effort to provide support for startups, the introduction of the National Startup Registry and new tax incentives the government is implementing to attract Angel Investors aim […]

Establishing a Foreign Branch

Establishing a Foreign Branch

Establishing a foreign branch is a common and quite popular choice, as it offers numerous competitive advantages to the company. Foreign companies wishing to develop all or part of their […]

Transferring Tax Residence

Transferring Tax Residence – What to know

Transferring tax residence has been in the limelight of tax matters for many years in a row for good reason. It is no coincidence that several circulars, decisions by the […]

Fair value vs. Historical cost

Fair value vs. Historical cost: Which of these methods better leads to high quality financial statements?

High quality financial statements are statements that reflect every qualitative characteristic included in the IFRS taxonomy. Of those, the fundamentals are: Relevance Materiality Faithful representation When a financial report already […]


Declaration of wealth and assets: Obligations and consequences

In Greek policymaking, the term ‘Pothen Esches’ (i.e., how have you obtained) describes the obligation under law of all specified legal entities to declare their income and assets, and how […]

Article2- Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding and taxation: A problem in need of a solution

Crowdfunding (funding from a large number of people) is the collective effort of individuals to support efforts initiated by other people or organisations. This is typically done via the internet. […]

Microloans: The solution to a major problem?

Alternative forms of financing, such as microcredits, are now becoming a useful tool for small-medium sized businesses that are in need of a financial boost. They are also opening a […]

Ιδιωτικές Κεφαλαιουχικές Εταιρείες | Grekos Consulting

Private Capital Companies (P.C.C.) – Why have they become so popular?

Greek Law no. 4072/2012 – “Improvement of the entrepreneurial environment – New business entity – Trade Marks – Real estate agents – Regulation of shipping, ports and fishery issues and […]

Technical Arrangement – What taxpayers should consider

With the adoption of Law no. Ν.4174/2013 “Tax procedures and other provisions”, for the first time, a general provision on combating tax avoidance was introduced to the Greek tax law […]